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Tuesday 3 November, 2020

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Election 2020 Investment Insights
Decision 2020 - Everything You Need to Know About Making Money off Election 
October 1, 2020

There’s no doubt that the outcome of this coming election will have consequences far beyond America’s borders but ballot counting could drag out the results for weeks. The polls show the Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden comfortably in the lead but two late September polls show more voters in Florida and Arizona favoring Trump. So the only thing that's certain is that come election night, there will be big moves in equities and currencies and we'll be there to trade them.  
7 Reasons Why Trump Could Win the Election
October 6, 2020 

Although at present Joe Biden appears to be comfortably leading in the polls, everyone is convinced that the real race is a toss-up. Donald Trump surprised pundits in 2016 by squeaking past Hillary Clinton and he may do it again in 2020. Here are seven reasons why Trump could win the election. 
7 Reasons Why Biden Could Win the Election
October 8, 2020 

Biden is no one's idea of an exciting candidate but is precisely his blandness after four years of chaos of Trump that could finally land him in the White House at the ripe young age of 78. Here are seven reasons why Biden could win the election. 

If Trump Wins - 3 Great Investment Opportunities
October 13, 2020 

The US Presidential Election is weeks away and regardless of which candidate you support, the best investments will be driven by policies. Stocks hit record highs during President Trump’s first term and if he is re-elected, there will be volatility but once the dust settles and his second term is confirmed, there may be a period of consolidation followed by renewed gains for equities. President Trump’s policies are good for capital markets and businesses but the problem is that stocks are priced to perfection and the upside could be limited. 

If Biden Wins - 3 Great Investment Opportunities
October 15, 2020

For better or worse, if Vice President Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, US policies will change significantly and this could have a big impact on investment opportunities.  Democrats tend to be less friendly to corporate America and some economists argue that it could be the catalyst for a steep market correction. However historically the data says otherwise, stocks actually perform better with a Democrat in the White House than a Republican. Predicting how the broader market responds to a Biden win can be tricky but even so, there are some great investment opportunities.  

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5 Crazy Scenarios for the US Election
Coming October 20, 2020 - Check Back!

Few years have been as crazy as 2020. Global pandemic. Greatest unemployment shock since the Great Depression . Crashing Markets. Yet all of these shocks may be just an appetizer on the volatility menu as the planet steels itself for the most unpredictable election in US history whose ramifications may literally change the world as we know it. Here are five crazy scenarios for Election 2020.

Biden or Trump? This Asset Will Rise
October 22, 2020

Although traders can argue until they are blue in the face as to who will win the 2020 Presidential election one asset is almost certain to rise regardless of whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump lives in the White House. 

Why Election Day is NOT the Most Important Day on
the US Calendar
October 27, 2020 

On November 3rd the eyes of the world will be focused on the US Election. Although Election Day is usually the answer to who will be the President for the next four years this year all bets are off. Let’s take a look at the 79 days between Election and Inauguration Day - a period that the Atlantic magazine dubbed “the Interregnum” and consider a few possible scenarios. 

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